Tucker The Nantucket Whale


Ms.Sandi’s Class Journey Around The Globe!


Tuckey in Naples, Florida

Tuckey has just arrived at Naples, Florida! So much to see & do. Looking forward to watching the Kiteboarders by the Naples Pier, visiting the Botanical Gardens and of course stopping by the Fifth Avenue Shops. It is going to be a busy fun day for Tuck ...

Tuckey Is In the Que

Tuckey is in the que.......in northbound lane (opposite this vessel) in Miraflores locks. Tuckey ready to make 48 mile transit thru Panama Canal from Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean.

Tuckey in Balboa, Panama

Tuckey is approaching Balboa, Panama......then transiting the Panama Canal. It is a 48 mile stretch from Balboa to Colon, Panama......going from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. Go Tuckey! Follow him on his Blog at tuckeythenantucketwhale.com

Tuckey in Lima, Peru

It's late afternoon and Tuckey is arriving Lima, Peru. It was quite a swim from Huntington Beach. Tomorrow, he is looking forward to making the trek up to Machu Picchu. He can't wait! What a sight! Then it is onto the Panama Canal and making the 48 mile transit to ... read more

Tuckey at Huntington Beach

Whew! It has been a long two weeks swimming across the Pacific Ocean! Tuckey is ready for a short break and having some fun here at the Huntington Beach Pier. Then heading south to Lima, Peru....and trek up to Machu Picchu. Follow Tuckey’s travels on his Blog at tuckeythenantucketwhale.com ... read more

Tuckey in Hawaii

Tuckey is passing thru Hawaii waters where mother whales & their calves are swimming side by side. During this time, more than 10,000 whales nurse their young here. Then in summer, migrate north to Alaska.

Tuckey in Tokyo

Tuckey just arrived into Tokyo Bay. Wow! What an awesome sight seeing Mt. Fuji! It is the highest mountain in Japan. Later in the day, he plans on taking the bullet train to Mt Fuji and seeing some of the awesome cherry blossoms along the way. Woo Hoo!

Tuckey in Seoul

Tuckey made it to beautiful Seoul, Korea. It is getting toward night time, Tuckey is on the Han River and looking at brilliant lit downtown Seoul and the spectacular Seoul Tower, high on the hill. A must visit for everyone!

Tuckey in Shanghai

Tuckey just arrived at the Bund Shanghai—famous waterfront. Symbol of old & new Shanghai. Beautiful skyscrapers, as well as historic buildings, romantic cafes & restaurants grace this area. It is awesome!

Tuckey in the Philippines

This morning, Tuckey has arrived in beautiful Manila, Philippines. And looking at the Malacanang Palace- residence of the President of the Philippines. Later in the day, he plans on going to one of the many festive market places in the country. Go Tuckey!
Tucker The Nantucket Whale
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