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Process Used to Write the Tuckey Books

As important as a foundation is to building a beautiful house, a solid foundation is essential in the writing of a Nantucket children’s book. The first pillar of the foundation is the writer’s prerequisite to see the world through the eyes of a child. Bright colors, unique shapes, friendly characters, and a fun story to capture their imagination and share a meaningful message are essential components. The second pillar requires the author to write about something that makes the author smileā€”both on the outside as well as on the inside. The third pillar is the writer’s ability to actually visualize a mother or father, grandparents, and even brothers and sisters snuggling with their children or siblings while reading a fun Nantucket story. And sharing all the love that goes with it. The final pillar of the foundation is to have a driving purpose for writing the story. In my case, I have a number of motivations that propelled me forward to write a Nantucket children’s book. The first is for my grandsons who truly love Nantucket. Next is my need to keep my mind active to combat a debilitating medical condition, and finally my love of Nantucket and my desire to share a fun story about a Nantucket whale. A Day with Tuckey the Nantucket Whale took about nine months from initial idea to the completed, published story. After the pillars and foundation are in place, it is time to begin the framework of building the story of Tuckey the Nantucket whale. I needed an idea, a character, and a mental picture of what I wanted the story to look like. Early in my career, I was a ship’s captain of large ocean-going ships traveling worldwide. I loved to see the many whales on my travels. However, I found the best whales were right here in the pristine Nantucket waters. And I knew it would be a fun project to write a children’s book about a Nantucket whale. My wife and I owned a summer home on Nantucket for over two decades and have been coming to the island for the last forty plus years. We love Nantucket. So, we now have the idea, location, and the main character for our children’s book. After much thought and consideration, I thought of a cute name for the Nantucket whale-Tuckey. Next, I put an outline together for a storyline of A Day with Tuckey the Nantucket Whale children’s book. I envisioned Tuckey in the middle of the Nantucket Sound at the start of his day, then swimming along the pristine waters and encountering the many sights, sounds, and friends. He first saw the Nantucket ferry. Lots of excited families were on board looking forward to the fun and exciting things to do when they get to Nantucket. This was the basis for the Tuckey story. I discussed the idea with a very good friend and local artist. We talked about the project, the storyline, and the whale character. Illustrating a children’s book was a first for him. And writing a book was a first for me. I contacted a publishing company near Washington, D.C. and later met the CEO. He sent me a few children’s book samples, along with typical children’s book specifications such as size, number of pages, and other useful information. In the meantime, I was collaborating with an attorney and learning what was needed to get my Tuckey, The Nan tuck et Whale trademarked. During the next several months, I filled in the storyline and sent my notes to the publisher for their review. We signed a publishing contract, and I was assigned a project manager to work with. The next few months were busy sending everĀ­changing drafts back and forth. I worked extensively with my illustrator on every page, including the front and back cover. The cover had to be just right. I pictured Tuckey at the main entrance to the harbor, just off Brant Point. Many boats are moored in the area, as well as sail boats and pleasure crafts transiting by, enjoying a beautiful day on the water with the town in the background. My illustrator came up with awesome front and back covers and colorful illustrations to meld with the story on each page! After we all agreed on a next-to-final draft, the manuscript was sent to the publisher. One more final review by everyone and then proofs completed and sent to be printed. About six weeks after Tuckey was sent to the printer, the books were shipped to us. It was an exciting time to receive and see the final product. Holding the first book in my hands was such a WOW factor! The see the final product. Holding the first book in my hands was such a WOW factor! The icing on the cake was being invited to attend the Nantucket Book Festival and read my A Day with Tuckey the Nantucket Whale story to the children on the Atheneum lawn in downtown Nantucket.

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