Tucker The Nantucket Whale


Ms.Sandi’s Class Journey Around The Globe!


Visiting Dubai

Pretty cool! Ms. Sandi & her class just visited Dubai on their round the world journey. Outstanding drawings of their visit! Next, they are on to Mumbai, India! Safe travels! Go Ms. Sandi's Class! Go Tuckey!

Ms. Sandi’s Class in Tanzania

Ms. Sandi’s Class had a super time in Tanzania. Mt. Kilimanjaro, Safari and so much more. Now in Indian Ocean, looking out for pirates. Heading to Dubai! Great stuff!

Enroute to Capetown

Ms. Sandi & her class are on the move and heading south enroute to Capetown. They read about what Tuckey has said about Capetown. Lots of fun things to see & do there. Check out their super drawings of Capetown! Great stuff!

Fun Time In London

Ms. Sandi & class had fun time in London....reading about it and then drawing pics of all the cool things they saw.

All Aboard!

Ms. Sandi & her class are all ready to board the ship and get ready for their journey around the world!

Everyone loves Tuckey and his fun & exciting children’s book series!


Welcome Home Tuckey

What a super welcome home for Tuckey the Nantucket Whale! Go Tuckey!

Tuckey On His Last Leg of His Journey

Tuckey is on his last leg of his journey. Here he sees the nuclear submarine USS Tennessee, just departed the Kings Bay Georgia submarine base. Tuckey gives a big wave & salute while swimming by!

Tuckey in Naples, Florida

Tuckey has just arrived at Naples, Florida! So much to see & do. Looking forward to watching the Kiteboarders by the Naples Pier, visiting the Botanical Gardens and of course stopping by the Fifth Avenue Shops. It is going to be a busy fun day for Tuck ...

Tuckey Is In the Que

Tuckey is in the que.......in northbound lane (opposite this vessel) in Miraflores locks. Tuckey ready to make 48 mile transit thru Panama Canal from Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean.
Tucker The Nantucket Whale
Tuckey the Whale