Young readers, parents, and grandparents have loved and enjoyed reading the stories and adventures of Tuckey The Nantucket Whale. Here are some of our favorite reviews.

Mr. Cameron — my kids are enjoying their new read! See attached.

Congratulations on a terrific book.

Michael Levy, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School
Director, Neuromyelitis Optica Clinic and Research Laboratory
Research Director, Division of Neuroimmunology & Neuroinfectious Disease Massachusetts General Hospital

Thank you for creating this lovely series which content and illustrations appealed to me very much. It is a gift to all children. It kind of reminded me of the Norwegian TV children’s series which transcribes in the life of a harbour: Elias Rescue Team Adventures (Elias is a little tugboat).

Tuckey the Nantucket Whale has been an amazing journey with my students. This will be my third year using Tuckey’s books in my classroom. I have been able to incorporate ELA, Social Studies, and writing skills. My students are so engaged with these books. We LOVE Tuckey!! Each one of my students are looking forward to receiving their own copy of “Tuckey the Nantucket Whale Travels the World” book on open house for this upcoming school year. We CAN’T wait to get Tuckey’s newest book “Flag Football with Tuckey the Nantucket Whale” featuring the BEST coach Mr. Bill Belichick!!!! Way to go Tuckey!! Way to go Coach!!!

Keep the Tuckey books coming Captain Robert Cameron!!!

Now here’s another happy Tuckey fan! Everyone loves Tuckey! Great stuff!

Tuckey could not be more proud! Here is a framed beautiful artwork from a student’s parent to the teacher. Please let me tell you a little about this super 1st grade teacher Ms. Sandi from Bismarck, MO. She is incredible! This school year, she integrated the Tuckey the Nantucket Whale Travels The World Book into her class curriculum: reading, writing & social skills. It kicked off with the children going on a wooden sail vessel and journeying to the 16 countries in the book. They colored/ painted pictures of what they observed at each country. Mascot Books, Tuckey’s Publisher had them posted on the Tuckey website Blog Page so, they could see their work and follow along. The journey just ended. And the culmination of all of this … was the teacher and class getting this beautiful work of art. Additionally, the 18 students in the class each are going to receive their own copy of Tuckey the Nantucket Whale Travels The World. What Ms. Sandi & her class accomplished is one of reasons why I started this Tuckey the Nantucket Whale Children’s Book Series. It is all about the children …… getting their minds to think. And as you can see, Tuckey Books are doing just that. Go Tuckey! Everyone loves Tuckey!
Hey, Captain Robert Cameron!…….We brought a copy of “All the Colors of the Rainbow with Tuckey the Nantucket Whale” along with us to Cambridge! Here’s a pic of Aedan and Benny enjoying the book with Grandpa! Go Tuckey! Many thanks, Bob, for this wonderful series…the boys really enjoy them…
PS my grand boys LOVE the Tuckey books! We’ve bought them all for them!

Brenda Tabory Wilson

A Tuckey book made it to Missouri! Gregg’s Iii cousins enjoying Capt. Robert Cameron’s book, Tuckey, the Nantucket Whale Around The World! Thank you, Bob, for autographing this book for the girls! Go Tuckey!!!!! X-Mas Reading
Read another Tuckey book to my granddaughters 2nd grade class. Tuckey the Nantucket Whale Travels the World’  They loved it. Thank you Capt. Robert Cameron for writing such great stories. Looking forward to your next one! Reading Chair

Fun time……reading his Tuckey books to Grandpop!

Reading A Day With Tuckey to Kennedys 1st grade class. The kids love these books. Thank you so much for writing them Robert Cameron. Classroom

Enjoying their Tuckey book!


Milk and Tuckey Bedtime Stories with Bob Bandos

Reading on Bed
Our favorite author Captain Robert Cameron writes the best children’s books!! Tuckey the Nantucket Whale!!

FrankSandi Chamberlain

My grandkids love these books!

John Ring

Loving her new TuckeyBook!

Loving New Books
This Indonesian Class loves Ms. Kalpu reading a Tuckey book to them! Ms. Kalpu

James G. Lyons added a new photo

James enjoying the Tuckey book we just brought back from Florida! Children's Drawings

Thank you so much Mrs. Chamberlain’s class

Wow! What a super note from over 1300 miles away in Bismarck, Missouri! Thank you so much Mrs. Chamberlain to you & your class for those awesome colorings and letters! Go Tuckey! Everyone loves Tuckey the Nantucket Whale! Children's Drawings
Ms. Sandi & her class love Tuckey and can’t wait for his new book! Ms. Sandi & her class

Go Oliver

Oliver all decked out with his Tuckey Cap & tee shirt, reading his new Tuckey book with his Nana. Go Oliver! Go Tuckey! Go Oliver

The Children’s room at the Nantucket Atheneum! #forloveofbooks #libraries

Tuckey loves this place! His Tuckey the Nantucket Whale children’s book series is here for all the children to enjoy! Children's Room
Kids love Ms. Cynthia read Tuckey Books to them! Go Tuckey! Children's Room
Ms. Cynthia’s granddaughter loves her reading Tuckey Books to her class! Go Tuckey! Children's Room


Tuckey’s books are great for reading—and tasting! #LilHenry loves Tuckey the Nantucket Whale! Tuckey Fan

Another bunch of happy Tuckey Fans! Everyone loves Tuckey! Go Tuckey!

Tuckey Fans

Kennedy & her class loved the Tuckey book!

—Cynthia B.


Kennedys First Grade

Reading a new book Kiteboarding with Tuckey. What a wonderful book … need to get another one to read to them in the spring. Thank you Bob Cameron.

—Cynthia B.

Reading To Class
Tuckey the Nantucket Whale made it to our classroom all the way from beautiful Nantucket. My students fell in love with Tuckey. They enjoyed listening to Tuckey’s adventures around the island.

—Sandi Chamberlain

I bought the two Tuckey books for the girls (2 & 4) who love them. They are not allowed to watch TV and are book-aholics. They probably have them memorized by now. I see there is a third Tuckey book, and I will order it as well. Do you have others in the works? What a great thing to be doing! I am sure it brings lots of joy to kids…..and you!


Tuckey Books
I don’t want my IPad, Wii, Nintendo…..please just give me my Tuckey The Nantucket Whale books to read! Love my Tuckey Books!


If you are looking for a gift for the little ones in your life, check out the Tuckey The Nantucket Whale books! Julian loves them!

—Pattie Lyons


My class loves Tuckey and the New England Patriots!

FrankSandi Chamberland

Beautifully Written With a Wonderful Message!

My four children ages ten, nine, seven and five all love this book! It is beautifully written and the illustrations are truly amazing! If you have ever been to Nantucket or wish to someday visit this is a perfect book for your family. A Day with Tuckey the Nantucket Whale is a lovely book with a wonderful message. I highly recommend this book you will not be disappointed. I cannot wait to read future “Tuckey” books!



Nantucket News From Mahon About Town

As you ’round Brant Point Lighthouse this summer, you might spot a friendly, blue whale frolicking in the sparkling waters of Nantucket Sound. Meet Tuckey! He’s a newcomer to the Faraway Land and the star of a new Nantucket children’s book, A Day with Tuckey, the Nantucket Whale, written by long-time summer resident, Robert Cameron, and illustrated by Rod Cole. Spend a beautiful, sunny, summer day with Tuckey as he patrols the serene inner harbor, making sure the waters of the crescent shaped island from Great Point to Madaket are kept safe and clean. As you flip through the brightly colored pages, you’ll be sure to encounter Nantucket’s infamous Rainbow Fleet, a school of flying fish eclipsing Sankaty Head Lighthouse, and the story wouldn’t be complete without the steadfast Eagle crossing the Sound. You’ll also meet a curious seagull named Freddy, Tuckey’s good friend, who’s excited to show you the hot spots around the Island. Then as the sun sets over the coastline of the North Shore and only the cries of seagulls can be heard, it’s time for Tuckey and Freddy to say, “good night.” But not to worry, Tuckey and friends will return first thing in the morning to take you on yet another island adventure. Cameron writes a sweet tale introducing young readers of all ages to some of Nantucket’s historic landmarks (I think we can officially say The Juice Bar is one of them!) while conveying a message of environmentalism around the pristine waters of Nantucket. For more than 25 years, Cameron was an accomplished sea captain commanding ships around the globe. “During those years,” recalls Cameron, “I was fortunate to have seen whales off the coasts of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, and California. But the most spectacular whales were right here in the Nantucket waters.” This is Cameron’s first children’s book inspired by his many years at sea, his love of Nantucket and, of course, his two young Grandsons, Jakob, age 4 and Nathan, age 2. “This is a story that I have wanted to write for years,” says Cameron. Cameron and Cole spent this past winter collaborating on this project. Cole, a good friend of Cameron’s, has spent more than 40 years on the island and his passion for painting is evident in his illustrations throughout the book. But one of the main reasons why Cameron decided to dive into the deep waters of writing was to keep his brain active. In 2005, Cameron was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called Superficial Siderosis (only 200 people world-wide have been identified with this condition). Tuckey has been instrumental in keeping Cameron’s mind active while battling this illness. These whimsical friends have also helped Cameron maintain a sense of humor and they continue to keep a smile on his face through all of his treatments. “My wish,” says Cameron, “is that all the children on Nantucket will enjoy Tuckey!” Cameron has outlines written for six more books to come and hopes to see this develop into a series.

—Wendy Rouillard
Author & Illustrator of Nantucket’s Barnaby Bear children’s book series

Jenny and her family love the Tuckey books!

Getting Book

Tuckey At the Beach

Our grandkids have loved them. Last weekend we took two of the kids to the beach and one asked me if I thought we would see Tuckey.

—Ronnie Knight Lowe

Enjoying Tuckey books with Grandpop!


These kids love their new Tuckey book!

Tuckey Books New

Enjoying reading Tuckey books with Annie!

Reading Tuckey

Tuckey is #1 with these kids!

Tuckey’s Super Fans

Paige & Maddie all comfy & cuddled …reading their new Tuckey book! Go Tuckey! Paige & Maddie

Riley loves her new Tuckey book!

Greg Hanigan

Little One Book

Hey, I thought we were going to be watching some football! Who gave the kids a Tuckey book? Oh well! Go Tuckey!

Tuckey books are a favorite for Annie…..during reading sessions to the children she is nannying this summer!


Kiteboarding With Tuckey

Kiteboarding With Tuckey is a well written children’s book with beautiful illustrations. The author is my good friend Captain Robert Cameron. I highly recommend this as a gift for your kids or grandkids. Warner loved it!! Tuckey ReviewTuckey Review

—Mitch Ziobro

Kids love for Annie to read them a Tuckey book!

“They love the Tuckey books”

—Betsy Eisenberg

They love their Tuckey Books!

reading reading
The Tuckey series of books is such a wonderful gift to your grandchildren, their peers around the world, plus future generations of children. Thank you for creating this endearing “brand” and leaving such a respected legacy after your fabulous BP career. It is truly awesome my friend and I wanted to recognise that. Best wishes, Jim
Bob just thought I let u know that Tucky is the number one present! We send them to daughter’ friends who have children. Great reviews from parents and kids love them. Keep them coming!!!! Plus they like that fact we sailed together years ago.

—Steven Felton

I moved to mainland from Nantucket 4 years ago. It’s nice to read Tuckey books to my grandsons Ronan and Wesley. Beautiful stories!! Happy Thanksgiving.


Congrats, they are lovely books with great messages!

—Wren Bradley

You are right, I ordered all the books for both granddaughters and I am not kidding, that is their go to book at bedtime, they absolutely love Tuckey!! I am going to take pics and send them to you!

—Wren Bradley

Another family loving their Tuckey Books! Everyone loves Tuckey!


Blowing Bubbles and Reading About Tuckey! Great Stuff!


New York Times Best Selling Author

Nancy Thayer New York Times Best Selling Author Nancy Thayer wrote these kind words about Tuckey The Nantucket Whale! Nancy Thayer

Nantucket Book Festival June 2017

Tuckey's book in the window with other great books highlighted at the Nantucket Book Festival June 2017! Nantucket Book Festival

Dylan’s Favorite Book

What a wonderful photo! Dylan pointing out her favorite whale to her Grandpa. Tuckey the Nantucket Whale! Go Tuckey! Favorite Book

Big brother reading his Tuckey book to his younger brothers!

turkey and Pops
Kennedy wants me to come back and read again Loi She said “Mommom you still have one more Tuckey book.” I wanted to wait till June but not sure that will happen. The kids love your book Bob!

Cynthia Rose Ballard

Sharing Tuckey With The Boston "Pops" on Nantucket!

turkey and Pops

Love reading about Tuckey & his adventures


Mallory having some quiet time....reading her Tuckey book “All the Colors of the Rainbow With Tuckey The Nantucket Whale”. Go Tuckey!


Another Tuckey Fan! She loves her Tuckey book!

Tuckey Fan

Raina loves her Tuckey book!

Tuckey Fan

Received our copy of Kiteboarding With Tuckey The Nantucket Whale

Elliana and Maya have requested it as their bedtime book just about every night since we got our copy. We look forward to reading more about Tuckey and his adventures in the future.

—Lisa, Matt, Elliana & Maya

Everyone loves reading about Tuckey the Nantucket Whale! Everyone loves Tuckey

Tuckey Plays, Splashes & Kiteboards Around Nantucket Island

KITEBOARDING WITH TUCKEY THE NANTUCKET WHALE is the second book in Captain Robert Cameron's Children's Book Series about Tuckey, a friendly whale that lives and plays in the waters around Nantucket Island. This story is about a day spent with Tuckey as he shares with us his kiteboarding skills and adventures, a very popular activity around Nantucket Island. As you would expect, Tuckey is an avid kiteboarder and is anxious to show his friend Scooter how to kiteboard. Tuckey does a super job teaching Scooter and is very creative fixing some of Scooter's kiteboarding equipment when it breaks! As the day ends, Tuckey and a few of his friends swim to Jetties Beach to watch, listen and even dance to some of the music of the Nantucket Pops in their charity performance for the Nantucket Cottage Hospital! Once again, colorful illustrations by Rod Cole meld and flow into the story encouraging interaction with the reader as Tuckey plays, splashes and kiteboards around Nantucket Island. KITEBOARDING WITH TUCKEY THE NANTUCKET WHALE is a book for all ages and one you will read to your children and grandchildren again and again. It is a happy story that leaves you feeling good with a whale-sized smile on your face!

—Dave Loomis

Love reading my Tuckey book!


We love Tuckey!



Tuckey’s “Best Boys” helping Grandpop at Booksigning!


Aedan and Tuckey


Tuckey Spotting

Just spotted Bob Cameron's delightful children's book at this Historical Downtown Mystic bookstore.

—Jim Tierney

Jim Tierney

My 5 year old grandson loved Tuckey. Now he wants to meet him!

My 5 year old grandson loved Tuckey. Now he wants to meet him in Nantucket. We also sent a copy to our 5 year old granddaughter in Florida and her 9 year old big sister read it to her! They both loved it too. The story is well presented and informative. The illustration is bright and colorful. My daughter in law wants to use it in her second grade class for a geography lesson. Great job! We are all waiting for more Tuckey stories.

—James Lyons

James Lyons grandson

Tuckey the Nantucket Whale children’s books are right up there with the other children classics!

Children’s Classics

Arthur is so happy, he just received his Tuckey book!

Jim Tierney

Morgan loves her new Tuckey Book!


A Story That Leaves You With a Whale-Sized Smile

Tuckey is a young, friendly whale that swims and plays in the pristine waters around Nantucket Island. This children’s book is a story of how Tuckey spends a typical day visiting with his friends and watching some of the exciting activities taking place in Nantucket. Tuckey also shares the importance of following rules, safety and keeping his waters clear and clean. Colorful illustrations meld and flow into the story encouraging interaction with the reader as Tuckey points out sailboats with different bright colored sails, busy fishing boats, the Nantucket Ferry with excited families and pets coming to Nantucket Island, flying fish and his friends Freddy the seagull and Mr. Lobster. A Day With Tuckey the Nantucket Whale is a book for all ages and one you will read to your children and grandchildren again and again. It is a happy story that leaves you feeling good and with a whale-sized smile on your face! I can’t wait to read Captain Cameron’s next story about Tuckey the Nantucket Whale and his adventures Kiteboarding!

—Dave Loomis

Carolyn loves her Tuckey book!

A Story

5 out of 5 stars – Great book for the grandkids!

I bought this for my grandchildren. I am looking forward to taking it and reading to them in a few days. The story is so charming and is complemented by the wonderfully colorful artwork. I am looking forward to his next book.

—Dave Sauer

Reading her Tuckey book to her brother!


My Grandchildren Love it

My 7 and 4 year old grandchildren love the story and the illustrations in this book! It also has a wonderful message for the protection of the environment. I hope there will be more Tuckey adventures.

—Wendell tomasovic

Tuckey made it into the Nantucket Magazine!


Tuckey's books are a big hit in this popular bookstore!

Book Store

Tuckey was a hit with my Grandson

Very well written. My Grandson who is 3 years old loved it!! Can't wait for more Tuckey adventures to follow.


These kids just can't stop reading their Tuckey book!


Five Stars

Loved the book


Chillin by the pool...enjoying his Tuckey book!


They love their Tuckey book!

Tuckey Book

A Whale of a Story — Naples Magazine

First-time author Robert Cameron came to Southwest Florida in 1997 primarily for the golf and the good weather, but has found himself at home in Naples, enjoying retirement in the area with his family and friends close by. His debut publication, a children's book titled A Day With Tuckey the Nantucket Whale, was published in September and has gained popularity around the island of Nantucket, where he has a summer home. The book, written on a whim as a way to keep his brain active as he fought a rare illness, became an exciting project that he would like to make into multi book series. “I wanted to write a quality children’s book,” says Cameron. He has dedicated Tuckey’s adventure to his grandchildren, who helped inspire him to write it. You can find Cameron’s whale tale online ( and in bookstores.


Nantucket Magazine highlights Tuckey's new book being read to the children on the Atheneum lawn!

Nantucket Magazine
Tuckey the Whale