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Ms. Sandi & her Class love Flag Football

Great reviews from our Tuckey reading with my grandson’s class

Great reviews from our Tuckey reading with my grandson’s class. Everyone loves Tuckey and is award winning children’s book series. Go Tuckey!

Working in Groups to Make Plays

Ms. Sandi's kids worked in groups this week to come up with some plays to pass on to Coach Belichick. They reference Tuckey's Flag Football book to get ideas. Go Patriots! Go Ms. Sandi's class! Go Tuckey!

Ms. Sandi practicing new plays

Ms. Sandi & her class were out practicing a few new plays this week. They are going to pass them on to Coach Belichick. And added to his playbook against the Raiders on Sunday. Go Ms. Sandi and her class! Go Tuckey! Go Pats! Follow all of this on Tuckey's ... read more

It is Sunday Football for the Patriots ..... playing the Seahawks! Ms. Sandi and her new class worked on some new plays that Coach Belichick, Cam Newton and team could use. They referenced Tuckey’s Flag Football With Tuckey the Nantucket Whale and some of the super plays in there. Yesterday, ... read more

Summer School is back in session!

Woo Hoo! Summer School is back in session! Ms. Sandi's class is reading another Tuckey book and then making play dough pictures of what they read. Great stuff! Great read, great arts and craft work! Go Tuckey! Go Ms. Sandi and class! Tuckeythenantucketwhale.com.

Ms. Sandi’s Class Making Rainbows

Ms. Sandi's summer school class having run reading the Tuckey Rainbow book and doing some arts and crafts building a matching rainbow! Great stuff! Go Ms. Sandi’s class! Go Tuckey! Tuckeythenantucketwhale.com.

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