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Ms. Sandi’s Flag Football Team

Young Patriots in training. Go Ms. Sandi’s Class! Go Patriots!

Strategizing Against the Eagles

Ms. Sandi’s class strategizing game against the Eagles. Passing on game plan to Coach Belichick! Go Ms. Sandi Class! Go Pats!

Game Against the Ravens

Ms.Sandi & her class have been playing some super Flag Football this week during recess. They have put a plan of attack for this Sunday's game against the Ravens. Passing it on to their favorite Coach­Coach Belichick! And in between classroom work, Flag Football .... also, reading some of their ... read more

Ms. Sandi’s Class Comes Up With Plays for Belichick

Ms.Sandi & her class played flag football during recess the past few days. And they are now putting plays on paper that Coach Belichick could use against the Browns this week. Go Pats! Go Ms. Sandi's class! Go Tuckey!

Ms. Sandi’s Class Hard at Work

This week, Ms.Sandi's class was hard at work on a Tuckey the Nantucket Whale children's book series project. Great stuff! And during recess periods, the class practiced & trained on their Flag Football skills. And they are looking forward to passing on some tips to Coach Belichick for the upcoming ... read more

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