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A Little Bit About Tuckey’s New Book

Each of the Tuckey books is all about a fun learning experience for a child. Illustrations like the one below, by Tuckey’s illustrator/artist Rod Cole demonstrates this. The Tanzanian country flag is posted, a special country sight Mt. Kilimanjaro (highest mountain in Africa) is in background, a local favorite tasty dish (Ugali) is introduced and the local greeting (Jambo) will be mentioned in the text. Fun learning! Tuckey’s new book Around The World With Tuckey The Nantucket Whale will highlight his visits & Log of events. This new book will be ready for release June 2018 and launched at the June Nantucket Book Festival. Go Tuckey! Please check out his website: tuckeythenantucketwhale.com and his Blog! Kilimanjaro

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