Tucker The Nantucket Whale


Ms.Sandi’s Class Journey Around The Globe!


Tuckey’s Close to Tanzania

Tuckey is getting close to Tanzania! He can see Mt. Kilimanjaro at a distance. Highest mountain in Africa. Can't wait to trek up there with his buddy Asante. Going to be a super visit!

Tuckey at Capetown

Well Tuckey made it to beautiful Capetown with Table Mountain in the background. One of his favorite cities in the world!

Tuckey On the Move

Tuckey is on the move! Heading south off the coast of West Africa. Just joined a pod of whales migrating south and having some fun with them. Follow Tuckey's Around The World Voyage on his Blog Page at tuckeythenantucketwhale.com

Tuckey Leaves London

Tuckey will be departing London tomorrow and heading south on the next leg of his round the world voyage. This voyage will take 6 months, covering 14 cities, 12 countries and 6 continents and over 40,000 Miles. Keep track of Tuckey's whereabouts on his 6 month voyage by checking his ... read more

Tuckey On the Thames River

Tuckey has the ·perfect spot on the Thames River by the London Tower Bridge watching the New Year's Eve Fireworks celebration! Keep track of Tuckey's 6 month Voyage Around The World ..... on his Blog Page on website: tuckeythenantucketwhale.com.

Tuckey In London

Well, Tuckey is on the move. He departed Nantucket waters and is a few days eastbound in the Atlantic Ocean. Next stop is London! About 9 more days to go. So much to see and do there ...... Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London & Tower Bridge ... read more

Tuckey’s Atlantic Christmas

Tuckey is celebrating Christmas in the middle of Atlantic Ocean enroute to London. It is the first leg of his round the world voyage which will cover seeing 14 cities, 12 countries, and 6 continents. Go Tuckey!

Tuckey’s Around the World Trip

Now that the Nantucket Christmas Stroll is over…Tuckey is getting his things together for his Around The world trip, which will cover over 40,000 miles. Crossing the Atlantic, his first stop will be London…up the Thames River to the Tower Bridge. He is going to keep us posted all along ... read more

Process Used To Write the Tuckey Books

As important as a foundation is to building a beautiful house, a solid foundation is essential in the writing of a Nantucket children's book. The first pillar of the foundation is the writer's prerequisite to see the world through the eyes of a child. Bright colors, unique shapes, friendly characters, ... read more

Tucker The Nantucket Whale
Tuckey the Whale